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NH Town Squares. Visiting NH? Want to see an old fashioned town square? Here are the towns you should try!
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Best NH Town Squares
Step back in time in NH

Years ago, most New England towns had a (mostly) central town square. Over the years fires, natural disasters and 'progress' forever changed most of them, but a few remain. In our humble opinions, the following is a list of the best of those remaining in NH. Except for the asphalt, you could almost hear the clip-clop of horses' hooves and carriages.

Haverhill - The most expansive, and some would argue attractive square in NH is Haverhill Corner. Listed in the National Register of Historic Place since 1987, the architecture reflects its history as the Grafton County seat from 1793 to 1891 and the home of Haverhill Academy. The homes of colonial Col. Charles Johnston and pre-civil war NH govenor John Page still remain, as well as numerous other dwellings, a church, a library, school buildings and taverns.

Dunbarton Center - The small square, the school, the church, all the white buildings...

Hopkinton - Always a rich man's town, the main street is long, Hopkinton Town Hall with abutting Old Hopkinton Cemetery, 10-14-13and lined with stately salt box and brick homes, the town hall with an abutting old cemetery and a stone church.

Washington - Feeling like you are transported back to 1825, the tiny town of Washington (NH) has that little strip, a reminder of the past...

Also, you may wish to try the following towns, if you are in the neighborhood:

Bath Center
Melvin Village
Wilmont Center

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