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UpStateNH.com has all the news and information you need for NH's north country!

NH Search Engine Optimization [SEO]
How are web sites optimized for search engines?

How do we optimize web sites?

Web site optimization can be very detailed work. Most companies do it with automated software. The software examines your site, selects what it thinks should be your keyword terms based upon the text in your pages, and makes recommendations. The technician accepts his choice of the recommendations and voila, the software makes the changes.

We do it the hard way [read: the RIGHT way]. We discuss your business with you, getting to know it. We do research online and identify the best keywords for your business based on the research, then identify your competition and see how they're doing with those keywords, to exploit their weaknesses. Then we start to work on your site.

Now we'll examine your site structures, word order, keyword density, keyword repetition, keyword placement, use of alt tags, title tags and meta tags. We'll edit your text as needed, and write all the tags by hand, bringing 18 years of experience to bear on your project. We'll place them all in the site, and when we're done, it will look pretty much like itself. But it won't act the same ~ it will be a search engine darling, attracting many engines for multiple keyword combinations. Is it magic? No. It's science, experience and elbow grease, not necessarily in that order.

For more information call us. Ten minutes on the phone will get you a professional quote of what your site will need to get it 'cranking!'.

Call today at 603.491-4340.

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