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George C. Jobel Complaints and Warnings
Winter 2019-2020

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Complaints, Concerns & Warnings

My name is George C. Jobel, and over 19 years, I have been the face of, and quarterbacked, a team of very skilled web development professionals that together have created nearly 700 web sites. As you can imagine, working with both consumers and an emerging, complex art, not everyone has understood exactly what they purchased, or even always been able to successfully articulate what they wanted. And, like a house, web sites vary widely, in size, features, functionality and design.

I would estimate that 90% of our projects go very smoothly, and that another 7%+ are completed to everyone's satisfaction, working out a few detours along the way. In about 2% or so of the projects, there is some heartfelt dissonance. Much of the time, I bite the bullet, and go well beyond the contract to make the client happy. There are other times though, when someone is just asking too much, and I insist the contract be followed. Examples would be when 'a few pictures' turns into hundreds, after a web site of a certain size/functionality is purchased someone imagines several additional things the web site should do, or a client wants to redo a 1/3rd of a site already built, but not yet approved, because their product line changed, etc. We are always happy to make the changes at additional charge, but, when people don't want to pay then sometimes I have to make hard choices.

Mostly when I have problems though, it's with subcontractors ~ people who perform specific services for my clients.

The relationship between myself and subcontractors is defined through a contract called a "Work For Hire Agreement". It CLEARLY articulates what work product is acceptable, the billing procedures, required documentation, including licensing authentication for stock art used, etc. The contract also specifies that my client, has to be satisfied with the work product. When the documentation isn't presented, or the client and/or I are unsatisfied with the work, the subcontractor is given the opportunity to remedy the deficiencies. If they don't, we generally don't use the work and they don't get paid - it's that simple, and it's all outlined in the contract.

I looked on the Complaints Board web site today and found the following:

Lowes - 9 Pages of Complaints
Sears - 40 Pages of Complaints
Target - 40 Pages of Complaints
Verizon - 40 Pages of Complaints
Walmart - 40 Pages of Complaints
Dunkin Donuts - 17 Pages of Complaints

The Complaints Board only seems to hold the most recent 1,000 complaints (40 pages). I guess, if you do enough business, you get some complaints...

Over those 19 years, I have been sued a half dozen times or so. Only once have I stood in front of a judge presenting my case and lost, and that's because my documentation was poor. Oh yeah.. that documentation thing I require from everyone.. Hmmm...

I work hard to keep the terms of my contracts, what the parties have agreed to. If you have a problem, question or concern, please feel free to contact me...

George C. Jobel
PO Box 6184
Penacook, NH 03303



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