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Visiting Northern NH, the White Mountains or the Great North Woods? Is this your first time? Here's what you need to know!
Winter 2019-2020

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Find a relaxing cabin or cottage today!

UpStateNH.com has all the news and information you need for NH's north country!

First Visit to Northern NH?
Here's what you need to know!

When people talk about Northern NH, they usually mean Mt. Washington, Littleton, Lincoln, or North Conway. Those of course are part of Northern NH, but NH goes much further north, more than two hours drive.

Above NH's Lakes Region is the White Mountains region. Further north still, is the Great North Woods.


Mountain views, camping, fishing, skiing and hiking trails, and abundant shopping opportunities are the prime attractions in the Whites. Home to many famous attractions, including the Kancamagus Highway, the Mount Washington Hotel, the Cog Railroad, and Story Land, and traversed by the Appalachian Trail, there is plenty here to keep a family happy and busy. North Conway in particular is popular during the summer, fall, Christmas and ski seasons, especially by shoppers. All the destination communities have ample dining and lodging opportunities along with the usual amenities.

Lodging costs vary widely depending on the venue, season, and location. Homey cabins in Twin Mountain can be had for $70/night or you can stay at the Mount Washington Hotel for $350-700 or more, and there is everything in between. If you are specifically seeking a cabin or cottage, click here. If you have a taste for the unusual, and your pockets are deep, check out Adventure Suites. If you are traveling with a group, and prefer private accommodations, try the Four Seasons Lodge.

There are several private campgrounds in the region, and some state and several federal campgrounds offered by various agencies. It can be quite confusing.

State Parks can be found at NHStateParks.org, and White Mountain National Forest parks can be viewed at the USDA site (look for the camping icon). With a few rules and limitations, wilderness camping in the White Mountain National Forest is free if that appeals to you.

If you plan on visiting the eastern side of the Whites (Conway, Bartlett, etc.) be sure to listen to 95.3FM, Visitor Information Radio for about 1/2 hour each day to get daily current information about local happenings and weather. If you are visiting the western side (Lincoln, Woodstock, Bethlehem, Littleton, etc.) use the events calendar here for local intel.


As you get further north the mountains recede behind you and moose, wilderness, water, and ATV & snowmobile trails become the primary attractions.

The Connecticut Lakes and Lake Umbagog, and scores of smaller lakes and ponds await you. Downtowns feel like movie sets from some 70's television show, and most grocery stores feel like super-sized convenience stores. Mom and pop shops reign supreme, and many towns will have no national chain presence except at the gas pump. Almost all the necessities of life are easily found but don't anticipate all your favorite brands being available. There just isn't the population to support a large variety of anything. You will instantly note the slower pace of life.

A hospital can be a 30-60 minute drive and many towns don't have clinics. And don't anticipate you can do 100 mph in an emergency. The roads are VERY good, but ill suited for high speeds. Oh, and remember, moose? It you hit one at 75 mph you'll save the hospital bill, guaranteed! And just like cops, they're everywhere until you *want* to see one!   Drive conservatively!

Boats are welcome most places and waterways rarely feel crowded. Almost all the lakes, ponds and streams are stocked so seasoned anglers will be satisfied and even novices will be pleased. Kids under 16 can fish FREE. Look here for information and license requirements.

In general the restaurants are pretty good. Small town dynamics quickly punish any substandard provider or venue. Rooms can be hard to find during summer, fall foliage or snowmobile weekends: Call ahead! Costs generally range from $60-150 per night and vary widely in ambiance. Several properties offer lakeside cabins, something fairly uncommon in the rest of the state.

ATV enthusiasts will find 75 miles of OHRV trails at Berlin's Jericho Mountain Park, connecting with the 1000 miles of trails across Coos County and the area perennially has great snow cover for snowmobilers. Local clubs maintain 100's of miles of trails.

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