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Dictionaries, Quotations, Language Helps, Writing Links and More Compiled by the Online Reference Desk!
Summer 2018

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Language Resources
A Select List of English Language Tools

Home: Reference Desk: Language

Antonyms & Acronyms:
Acronym & Abbreviation Server
Acronym Finder
Staands4.com – Acronyms & abbreviations

American Heritage Dictionary
Cambridge International
Casey’s Reverse Dictionary – Can’t think of the word; not on the tip of your tongue? Try this one! Keep in mind, its not a perfect tool!
Dictionary of Science & Technology
English-to-American Dictionary
Macquarie Dictionary – For those wanting to speak Australian! Includes colloquial words and pronunciation guide
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Newbury House Online Dictionary
Online Dictionaries(University of Iowa)
Wordsmyth Education Dictionary-Thesaurus

Dictionaries & Glossaries, Specialty:
American Sign Language Dictionary
Art & Architecture Thesaurus
Computing Dictionary
Duhaime’s Law Dictionary
Glossary of Communications Terms
Internet Terms Dictionary
Investor Words
Jane’s Defense Glossary
MedTerms Medical Dictionary
NetLingo – Internet Dictionary
Occupational Titles
Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) Index
Textile Technical Dictionary
TravLang Translating Dictionary – Translate between several languages

Foreign & Native American Languages:
Martindale’s Language Center
Verbix – This site will conjugate verbs in nearly 50 foreign languages
Speech Accent Archive – Examines accents of many different language backgrounds

Anthony Hughes' On Line English Grammar
Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Common Errors in English
Elements of Style
English As A Second Language – A portal to various helps
Grammar Helps – Numerous helps and a portal to several grammar exercises
Grammar Slammar
Guide to Grammar & Writing
Modern English Grammar
OWL: Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling
Punctuation Made Simple
Traditional Grammar

Bartlett’s Quotations – The old standard!
Cool Quotes Collection
Freedoms Quotes Page – About 70 quotations about freedom
Quotations – Over 24,000 entries
Quotations Page – About 20,000 entries
Quote-O-Matic – A smaller but excellent topical tool, but a weak search tool
Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations – Predominately quotes from the 1950’s through the 1980’s
Top Quotations – A great site: searchable

RhymeZone – A GREAT tool for many things, but pay attention to use it correctly!
WordNet – From Princeton University

Lexical FreeNet - Search for relationships between words, concepts, and people
Roget's Thesaurus
Webster’s Thesaurus
Wordsmith Dictionary/Thesaurus

A Collection of Word Oddities and Trivia
A Language Professional's Guide to the World Wide Web
American Heritage Reference Collection – Search a dictionary, thesaurus and a grammar/usage tool all at once!
Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Almanacs, and Thesauri  (Salt Lake County Library)
HandSpeak – A collection of various systems of language using hands instead of speech
History Of The English Language
How To Write A Book Review
How To Write A Book Review
Idiom Site – Explains the origins of many of English's idioms
RhymeZone – Simply type in a word below to find its rhymes, synonyms, definitions, and more
Voice Of America Pronunciation Guide – Learn to correctly pronounce the names of  people and places in the news!
World Wide Words – Investigating international English from a British point of view
Ye Olde English Sayings – The origins of many of our contemporary expression (Ex: Son of a gun)

Writing Helps:
A+ Research & Writing  (HS & College Level)
Garbl's Writing Resources
Online Resources For Writers
Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
Robin’s Nest – A writer’s resource
Style Sheets for Citing Internet & Electronic Resources - (UC Berkeley)
Writer’s Free Reference – A HUGE list of free reference sites useful to writers
Writing Tips

Politics And The English Language
– George Orwell

Outside Searches:
Writing Helps

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